Members Of Widespread Panic Provide ‘Rig Rundown’

By Scott Bernstein Sep 13, 2018 6:36 am PDT

A new installment of Premier Guitar’s Rig Rundown series focuses on Widespread Panic. Guitarists John Bell and Jimmy Herring each spoke with host Ted Drozdowski as did techs Joel Byron and Paul Agostino before the band’s second of three recent shows at the Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville. The resulting video and profile have been shared by Premier Guitar.

The video starts with Herring showing off his main Paul Reed Smith guitar and explaining why he uses certain strings and modifications. Jimmy then displays and talks about his Fender Strat. Ted and Jimmy continue by focusing on Herring’s amplifiers and reverb effect. One interesting aspect of Herring’s rig is his ability to control his monitor mix using volume pedals. He explains how the method works and its origins.

John Bell chats with Ted Drozdowski next. They begin with talk of JB’s Washburn guitar and eventually turn to his slides, tone, basic effect setup and amps. Bell’s tech Joel Byron drops by to provide a few more details. Ted moves on with his tour of Panic’s stage by discussing bassist Dave Schools‘ rig with tech Paul Agostino. Paul explains how Dave was inspired by Phil Lesh’s rig and talks a bit about Schools’ basses. Agostino mentions Dave may switch out pedals between runs after he shows Ted what effects the bassist had on hand in Nashville.


Watch the Widespread Panic’s “Rig Rundown” below:

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