Watch Mdou Moctar’s Jubilant ‘Imouhar’ Performance ‘Live Outside The School’ In Agadez

“When they hear Mdou Moctar, they freak out.” – bassist Mikey Coltun.

By Nate Todd Apr 12, 2024 1:50 pm PDT

Mdou Moctar shared a new video dubbed “Live Outside The School.” The visual features the Tuareg rockers performing their latest single, “Imouhar,” in Agadez, Niger, where the band is based.

Mdou Moctar released “Imouhar” in March. The track is set for the band’s upcoming album, Funeral For Justice, arriving on May 3 via Matador.


“Imouhar” in the Tuareg’s Tamasheq language is the equivalent of “brother” or “comrade.” “It’s a familial way to say “Tuareg people” that expresses a shared bond,” as per notes accompanying the live video.

Mdou Moctar bassist Mikey Coltun also detailed the video shoot:

At the beginning of 2023 we all met up in Agadez, Niger. It was the first time the band was all together in Agadez in years. It felt special. The idea was to set up a bunch of generator shows throughout Agadez in that week and record it all. ‘Outside The School’ was one of the very first locations we shot. We set up all the gear, plugged in a generator that powered the lights, amps, and recording setup, and handed out a couple Iphones on gimbels to a couple of our friends, Guichene, and Ahmoudou with the one instruction, ‘don’t hit the stop button’. With no advertisement ahead of time for these shows the kids heard the music, and they came. When they hear Mdou Moctar, they freak out. This is Mdou Moctar Imouhar – Live Outside The School (Agadez, Niger).

Watch lead guitarist Mdou Moctar, rhythm guitarist Ahmoudou Madassane, drummer Souleymane Ibrahim and Coltun perform “Imouhar – Live Outside The School” below:

Mdou Moctar
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Mdou Moctar is touring North America this summer. Check out their itinerary with ticket info below.

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