Mavis Staples Shares New Single ‘Anytime’


Legendary vocalist Mavis Staples unveiled “Anytime,” the latest single from her Ben Harper-produced studio album We Get By. Staples’ 12th studio album and first full-length collaboration with Harper is due May 10 via Anti-.

“I’m the messenger,” Staples said as she approaches her 80th birthday. “That’s my job—it has been for my whole life—and I can’t just give up while the struggle’s still alive. We’ve got more work to do, so I’m going to keep on getting stronger and keep on delivering my message every single day.”

“I come from a family of Mavis fans,” explained Harper. “So her music has been woven into the fabric of my life from the very start. When I got the call for this gig, it felt like my entire career, everything I’d ever written, had been pre-production for this.”

Listen to one of Mavis’ favorite songs on the album, “Anytime”:

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