Happy Birthday Matt Cameron: Pearl Jam Drum Cam Videos


Today, November 28, marks Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron’s 57th birthday. Cameron has not only sat on the throne for Pearl Jam over the past 20 years but also drummed for Soundgarden beginning in 1986 and resuming in 2010 when the band got back together after a nearly 15-year absence. He stayed with Soundgarden up until Chris Cornell’s tragic death in 2017. He also played drums in the supergroup built from members of both bands, Temple Of The Dog. If there is a quintessential grunge drummer, Matt Cameron is it.

To celebrate his birthday, take a look at two multi-cam drum footage videos posted by drumstick manufacturer Vic Firth — for which Cameron is a signature artist — showcasing Matt’s powerful and rock-solid style. The video comes from a Pearl Jam performance at Boston’s famed Fenway Park on August 5, 2016 and features the songs “Grievance” and “Even Flow.” Check them out below:


Even Flow


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