Matisyahu JamBase Tour Journal Volume 1 From Israel

Matisyahu JamBase Tour Journal: Volume 1 From Israel

Sprouting up from deep inside the jam world, Matisyahu has been on the fast track to stardom. Born Matthew Miller in 1979, Matisyahu has bridged the gap from reggae to Judaism and for his efforts he’s earned a gold record (Live at Stubb’s), a Top 40 hit (“King Without a Crown”), and a Grammy nomination (2006’s Youth). Considering the dude dropped out of high school and became a regular on Phish tour before finding G-d and reforming his ways, we figured it might be fun to see what life is like on the road for Matisyahu now that he’s the one onstage.

Matisyahu has been kind enough to take us behind the scenes as he travels the world in support of his new album Light. This first episode of the Matisyahu 2009 JamBase Tour Journal features the band performing “One Day” at Sultan’s Pool in Jerusalem on October 7, 2009. Check back soon for Volume 2.

Matisyahu is on tour now; dates available here.


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