MARDI GRAS | 02.17 – 02.20 | NEW ORLEANS

Words & Photos by Dino Perrucci

It’s Carnival time again in New Orleans. The second Mardi Gras celebration since Hurricane Katrina destroyed so much of this great city and of course, her presence is still felt everywhere you go. Local papers had good news to report as both the number of returnees and visitors increased from last year. As we arrived on Saturday the party was in full swing.

Saturday 2/17/07

Stanton Moore – Galactic :: 02.17 :: Tip’s
Uptown to Tipitina’s for Eric Lindell and Galactic. After a great opening set from Lindell and his band, Galactic dumped two hot sets of steaming funk with plenty of special guests.

First set “Buck-it Like a Horse” with Coolbone was a highlight as well as “Goin’ Down” with Eric Lindell on guitar. Zep’s “Immigrant Song” to end the set had the balcony rocking before a special guest-packed second set floored the Tip’s faithful.

Coolbone joined in again for part of the second set, this time with Ivan Neville on keys. Midway through, Big Sam Williams came strolling through the side door and without missing a beat joined Galactic with a huge trombone solo. Things in New Orleans are really heating up and this is only the first night!

Galactic 2/17/2007 | Tipitina’s | New Orleans, LA
Set I: Moil, Lickity Split, Spiderbite, Buck-it Like a Horse (Coolbone), Blacktalk, Goin Down (Lindell), Lady Day (Lindell), Groove Holmes, Immigrant Song
Set II: Little Miss Lover, Linthead, Crazyhorse, Bottle Up and Go (Papa Mali), Jump Into the Fire (Papa Mali), Chicken Pox > 2 Dots, Hercules (Ivan), Big Chief (Ivan, Big Sam, Coolbone), Sunday Araq (Glen), Bongo The Dog, Bakers Dozen (Big Sam)

Eric Lindell

Eric Lindell & Band

Galactic with Eric Lindell

Galactic with Coolbone

Big Sam with Galactic

Ivan Neville with Galactic

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Sunday 2/18/07

Mid City Parade :: 02.18.07
After some much needed rest it’s parade time. We head back uptown for the Mid City Parade. Pick it up at St. Charles and Napoleon and we’re off. Some nice weather and high spirits make for a good time.

Uptown the parades are much more local with families gathered around, and the kids up in the ladder boxes. Watching the High School marching bands go by you are reminded that these kids are the future of music in New Orleans and we can’t let these traditions die. We could be watching the next Rebirth Brass Band or Kermit Ruffins marching right by us. Ain’t no place I’d rather be.

Souls of NOLA Mardi Gras Soiree :: 02.18.07 :: One Eyed Jacks

Nighttime brings the much anticipated Souls of NOLA Mardi Gras Soiree at One Eyed Jacks. The band featured Papa Mali, Robert Mercurio, Rich Vogel, Kevin O’Day, Anders Osborne and Big Chief Monk Boudreaux. Yeah that’s right, all of ’em. Talk about a party!

This special NOLA night featured two sets of some of the finest music that ever came out of the Crescent City. Near the end of the first set Big Chief Monk Boudreaux joined the band onstage and the whole room went to another level. Second set brought special guests CC Adcock and Dicky Landry into the fold and the intensity never let up. The night finished appropriately with “Such a Night” at about 3 a.m.

Papa Mali, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, Anders Osborne

Anders Osborne and Robert Mercurio

Papa Mali

Big Chief Monk Boudreaux

Dicky Landry, CC Adcock, Anders Osborne, Kevin O’Day

Anders Osborne

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Monday 2/19/07 Lundi Gras

Morning 40 Federation :: 02.19.07 :: Lundi Gras :: Tip’s
Tonight we’re heading back to Tipitina’s for the 10th annual Galactic Lundi Gras show. Lundi Gras at Tip’s means three sets of Galactic until the sun comes up on Mardi Gras morning. Local heroes Morning 40 Federation opened up the show with an alcohol fueled set that really got the party started.

My first time seeing Morning 40 live and I’m hooked. First set of Galactic was epic! Two hours long it featured two songs the band learned with Morning 40 as well as another Ivan Neville sit in. The Meters’ “Funky Miracle” > “Cardova” was a perfect tribute to one of NOLA’s most celebrated and influential bands. After three roaring sets of music and guests the closing “Quiet Please” eased the show to an end. Put on your sunglasses, head outside it’s Mardi Gras Day.

2/19/2007 | Tipitina’s | New Orleans, LA
Set I: FEMA, Go-Go, Clockstopper, Dumpsterjuice (Morning 40), Washing Machine (Morning 40), Hot Pants, Hell Below (Ivan), Funky Miracle (Ivan) > Cardova (Ivan), Manic Depression, Shibuya, Poison Pushy, 2 Clowns
Set II: Garbage Truck, Blackbird Special, Church (Jason Mingledorf), Hamp’s Hump (Jason Kyle Sharamataro), Double Wide (Derek Freeman) > Mario Rroove, Tiger Roll > Bounce Baby > Space Headz March
Set III: Ain’t What You Think, Sweetback (Burt Cotton, Vince Harman), Licorice, Hangnail, Black Eyed Pea > Trampled Under Foot, Quiet Please

Morning 40 Federation :: 02.19.07 :: Lundi Gras :: Tip’s

Morning 40 Federation :: 02.19.07 :: Lundi Gras :: Tip’s

Morning 40 Federation :: 02.19.07 :: Lundi Gras :: Tip’s

Ben Ellman :: 02.19.07 :: Lundi Gras :: Tip’s

Galactic :: 02.19.07 :: Lundi Gras :: Tip’s

Galactic and Morning 40 Federation :: 02.19.07 :: Lundi Gras :: Tip’s

Galactic and Morning 40 Federation :: 02.19.07 :: Lundi Gras :: Tip’s

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Tuesday 2/20/07 Mardi Gras Day

Stanton Moore & Grand Marshal Henry Griffin
02.20 :: Julu Parade
It might be obvious to state that sleep is not an option during Mardi Gras. It’s time to get into costume and get ready to Parade!

We’re heading for Julu. Participants in this funky affair, founded by members of New Orleans Klezmer Allstars and including members of Galactic, meet up around 11 a.m., at a house behind the Starbucks at 2801 Magazine St. (corner of Washington Ave.), then proceed on an improvised route to the French Quarter.

For several hours it felt like we took over the city, and we pretty much did. Julu is much more of a participatory parade than your more traditional (at least in other parts of the country) stand on the side and watch it parade. In other words: You betta shake what yo mamma gave you! The Parade ended up on Frenchman Street where the New Orleans Klezmer Allstars were set to play at DBA.

Mardi Gras 2007 was one of those very special times I’ll never forget. Not only did it remind us all of just how special this city is, but it also made clear how much is left to be done to bring back the glory that is New Orleans. Jazz Fest is around the corner and New Orleans needs you. Please support the city and especially her music community. There is still a long road to recovery.

Julu Parade

Grand Marshal Henry Griffin and the Soul Rebels Brass Band – Julu Parade

Ben Ellman – Julu Parade

Uh Oh, Bourbon Street :: Julu Parade

Greg leads the Parade back out of One Eyed Jacks

Man down!

Stanton Moore, got hot sauce?

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