Marcus King Releases ‘Rescue Me’ Single

Watch a live performance of the second single from the guitarist's forthcoming studio album, 'Young Blood.'

By Scott Bernstein May 20, 2022 7:10 am PDT

Marcus King shared “Rescue Me,” the second single from his forthcoming Young Blood studio album. The Dan Auerbach-produced LP arrives via Rick Rubin’s American Records/Republic Records on August 26.

Young Blood marks the guitarist’s sophomore solo studio album following 2020’s El Dorado. King recorded the 11-track LP at Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound Studio in Nashville last summer. Marcus and Dan wrote the material on Young Blood in collaboration with Desmond Child and Angelo Petraglia.

  • Marcus King Details New Album ‘Young Blood’ & Shares Single

    Marcus King Details New Album ‘Young Blood’ & Shares Single

    Marcus King announced a new solo studio album, ‘Young Blood,’ produced by Dan Auerbach and featuring lead single “Hard Working Man.”

“Rescue Me” came accompanied by a live performance video filmed at Easy Sound. The guitarist was backed by drummer Chris St. Hilaire and bassist Nick Movshon, who each contributed to Young Blood.

“‘Rescue Me’ cuts a little deeper than the rest for me.” Marcus explained to American Songwriter before adding, “This song is a literal cry for help, one of the least metaphorical tracks on the record and a memory that’s difficult to relive each night but is important to remember. This is also one of the first times I collaborated with our good friend, the amazingly talented artist/ writer Andrew Gabbard.”

Check out the studio version and live performance video for “Rescue Me” below:

Rescue Me (Single)

Rescue Me (Live Performance Video)

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