Man Man
People of The Base, we are here for you. We work diligently to not only keep you informed with the happenings of your favorite bands, but what really lights up our life is turning you on to new bands.

Back in October 2006 we presented a full feature on Man Man (read it again here). Today we are here to inform you that the little band known as Modest Mouse is bringing them on the road. A nice jump from dirty bars to big time stadiums. Keep an eye on Man Man, seems like the beginning of bigger things.

Here what the critics are saying:

“Man Man exhibits a varied flair for macabre theatrics that includes a veritable world’s fair of chaos and creation.” -Billboard Magazine

“The soundtrack for a post-apocalyptic street carnival.” -Magnet Magazine

“Man Man creates a slippery tapestry with the authentic bearing of sea shanties run through a complex funhouse of loopy distortions, secret passageways and mirrored corridors.” -Harp Magazine

“[They cram] boozy Brecht-flavored shout-alongs into shaggy waltz and oompah rhythms, with plenty of jazzy, engaging instrumental colors.” –Entertainment Weekly

“When Man Man tour, they tour hard.”

It’s been a crazy and beautiful time for the men of Man Man since the release of the critically acclaimed Six Demon Bag (released last February, 2006 on the Ace Fu imprint), an album that moved a generation of fans around the world, from a band who spent their time destroying crowds nationwide on their seemingly endless U.S. tours (taking brief stops to own your souls at last year’s Pitchfork, Siren, and SXSW Festivals, performing all the while with some of today’s hottest bands), brought their live show over seas for the first time ever, and landed them on the cover of hometown Philadelphia Weekly’s year-end issue.

Man Man’s brand of, what has been called, “gypsy-carnival-blues-punk,” has inspired a rabid fanbase from coast to coast. Foaming for singer Honus Honus‘ every lyric and piano ridden, post-modern masterpieces, speechless while watching drummer, Chris “Pow Pow” Powell‘s thundering, obliterating, sky rocketing performances, and marveling at members Sergei Sogay, Alejandro “Cougar” Bjorg, and Chang Wang, as they endlessly juggle instruments from guitars, bass, sax, xylophones, didgeridoos, and children’s toys, to create a spectacle of sheer brilliance, brought to us in a way only one band knows how.

Now, one year later, courtesy of Icy Demons member Griffin Rodriguez and Shape Shoppe Studios in Chicago, the band emerges from the studio once again, unsigned, with something completely new, unique, and awe-inspiring in tow, unleashing sparkling new gems to a brand new audience as they hit the road with the kings of indie-rock, MODEST MOUSE!

Man Man tour dates available here.