The Mallett Brothers Welcome Jon Fishman At Union Fair


Earlier this month Phish drummer Jon Fishman finished a run in which he performed 13 consecutive shows at the 20,000+-capacity Madison Square Garden in New York City. Last night Fish played in front of a much smaller crowd, but was still as enthusiastic as he joined The Mallett Brothers at The Union County Fairgrounds in Union, Maine.

The Mallett Brothers are an Americana/rock group from Maine, the state where Fishman currently resides. Phish’s namesake first performed with The Mallett Brothers in early 2016 at an event in support of Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign. Wednesday night marked Fish’s first full set with the group.

Jon Fishman’s set with The Mallett Brothers lasted just over an hour and a half and consisted entirely of The Mallett Brothers Band original material. Included within was an extended take on “Late Night In Austin,” “The Irene,” “Long Black Braid” and “Don’t Need You.” The performance came to a close with a lengthy “Headed Home” that featured a brief jam on the Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop.” Next up for Fishman is a three-night stand with Phish at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado September 1 – 3.

Watch video of the jammed-out “Headed Home” finale thanks to Satronen Sound:

Here’s a clip of “Late Night In Austin” shared by jhizzle:

Check out a gallery of photos by Scott Mohler Photography:


Set: Losing Horses, Rocking Chair, Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down, Vive L’Acadie, The Irene, Long Black Braid, Falling Of The Pine, Don’t Need You, Late Night In Austin, No Rules, Tip Up, Headed Home