‘Maine Cabin Masters’ Fix Up Jon Fishman’s Cabin In Upcoming Episode


Each installment of DIY Network’s Maine Cabin Masters program finds master builder Chase Morrill and a team that includes Ryan Eldridge and Jedi Baker saving historic old cabins in The Pine Tree State. The next episode premieres on Monday, March 19 at 10 p.m. ET and features the builders restoring a cabin owned by Phish drummer Jon Fishman and his wife Briar.

Ryan and Jedi are huge fans of the veteran jam act and have worn Phish t-shirts on past episodes. As such, this is a dream project for the guys. Watch a preview of the upcoming installment of Maine Cabin Makers:

Jon Fishman was recently featured on two installments of the Drummer’s Resource podcast. Fish talked about many topics including his search for his birth relatives, Phish’s Baker’s Dozen residency, his drumming inspirations and more. Fish returns to the road later this month to begin a tour with The Mallett Brothers.

[Hat Tip – @HeidiBGoode]