Jon Fishman Talks Phish, Drumming, His Evolution & More On ‘Drummer’s Resource’


Phish drummer Jon Fishman hasn’t given many interviews over the past few years, but when the chance came to talk shop he jumped all over it. Jon spoke about drumming and many other topics for a two-part interview posted by the Drummer’s Resource podcast.

The host of the Drummer’s Resource podcast, Nick Ruffini, is a long-time Phish fan and quickly develops a fantastic rapport with Fishman. Ruffini spoke with Fish about reopening the Lincolnville General Store in his hometown in Maine, his search for his birth parents and dealing with fame in the first installment before the pair started to discuss drumming. Some of the drumming-related topics covered in the chat include whether good drummers are born or made, developing your own sound, an important lesson Fishman learned early in his career and advice for playing in odd time.

Jon and Nick focus on drumming in the second part, but the pair also discussed other topics in the wide-ranging conversation. Fish talked about the genesis of Phish’s 2017 Baker’s Dozen residency at Madison Square Garden in New York City and how the band decided to go repeat-less throughout the 13-show run. Jon revealed the quartet tossed around the idea of not repeating a song throughout the whole summer, but in the end chose to keep only the Baker’s Dozen run without repeats. The drummer also chatted with Nick about lessons he learned during a trip to Europe with Trey Anastasio shortly after Phish was formed. Additional topics hit upon are Fishman’s radio show, his thoughts on receiving awards and plaques and how the “Julius” from the band’s past New Year’s Run was the first time he feels he nailed the song’s shuffle.

Next up for Jon Fishman is a run of dates with The Mallet Brothers.