The Magpie Salute Complete Inaugural Run In New York City: Photos, Videos & Setlists


Images by: Joe Russo

The Magpie Salute :: Gramercy :: NYC

On Sunday The Magpie Salute played their fourth consecutive show at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City, which brought the band’s first ever series of concerts to a close. The band features former Black Crowes members Rich Robinson (guitar), Sven Pipien (bass) and Marc Ford (guitar) joined by Rich Robinson Band drummer Joe Magistro and keyboardist Matt Slocum as well as guitarist Nico Bereciartua, vocalist John Hogg and backing vocalists Charity White, Adrien Reju and Katrine Ottosen. Former The Black Crowes keyboardist Eddie Harsch was originally a member of the group prior to his passing last year.

Rich and his crew played surprisingly few repeats over the course of the four night run. Setlists were heavy on Black Crowes favorites, choice covers and a handful of songs from Rich and Marc’s solo projects. “Remedy,” “Descending,” “Wiser Time,” “My Morning Song” and “She Gave Good Sunflower” were among the Crowes tunes to make the cut, while covers included The Velvet Underground’s “Oh! Sweet Nuthin’,” Led Zeppelin’s “Your Time Is Gonna Come,” The Rolling Stones’ “Let It Loose” and Terry Reid’s “Dean.” Photographer Joe Russo was on hand to capture images of Saturday’s show. Check out Joe’s photos as well as fan-shot videos from the run and all four setlists:


[Tribute To Eddie Harsch | Captured by FatJack68]

[Your Time Is Gonna Come | Captured by Zach Gilbert]

[Hotel Illness | Captured by Zach Gilbert]

[Dean | Captured by Casey Meskers]

[Ten Years Gone | Captured by Casey Meskers]

[Wiser Time | Captured by 29gjd]

[No Speak, No Slave | Captured by Glenn Butler]

[Remedy | Captured by Alex Neff]


The Magpie Salute at The Gramercy Theatre

  • Descending  
  • No Speak No Slave  
  • Cypress Tree  
  • Ballad of a Well-Known Gun  
  • Comin' Home  
  • Omission  
  • Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye  
  • All We Need to Do Is Love  
  • Let It Loose  
  • She Gave Good Sunflower  
  • Another Roadside Tragedy  
  • The Giving Key  
  • Devil's in the Details  
  • Astral  
  • How Long  
  • Nonfiction  
  • Soul Singing  
  • Sometimes Salvation  
  • Stare It Cold  
  • Remedy  


The Magpie Salute at The Gramercy Theatre

  • My Morning Song  
  • Walk Believer Walk  
  • Sister Luck  
  • Omission  
  • Bye Bye Baby  
  • Shalimar Dreams  
  • Your Time Is Gonna Come  
  • Ballad in Urgency  
  • Wiser Time  
  • The Vulture  
  • I Know You  
  • Stand Back  
  • Shipwreck  
  • Sleepwalker  
  • Feathers  
  • Good Friday  
  • Hotel Illness  
  • Virtue and Vice  
  • Gone  


The Magpie Salute at The Gramercy Theatre

  • Black Moon Creeping  
  • (Only) Halfway to Everywhere  
  • One Mirror Too Many  
  • Title Song  
  • Inside  
  • Old Lady Sunrise  
  • Which Way Your Wind Blows  
  • Seeing Things  
  • Sick Again  
  • Deep Water  
  • Falling Again  
  • Time to Leave  
  • Ain't No More Cane on the Brazos  
  • Lay It All on Me  
  • Oh Josephine  
  • How Much for Your Wings?  
  • A Conspiracy  
  • Sting Me  


The Magpie Salute at The Gramercy Theatre

  • Midnight From the Inside Out  
  • Tied Up and Swallowed  
  • Paint an 8  
  • Devil's in the Details  
  • Shalimar Dreams  
  • I Remember  
  • The Upstairs Land  
  • Ten Years Gone  
  • Custard Pie  
  • Welcome to the Goodtimes  
  • Oh! Sweet Nuthin'  
  • Dean  
  • Omission  
  • Under a Mountain  
  • Let Me Share the Ride  
  • Girl From a Pawnshop  
  • Jealous Again  
  • Thorn's Progress Jam  
  • Thorn in My Pride