Magnolia Electric Co. Tour the World, Release Box Set of New Material

Magnolia Electric Co.
So far this year, Magnolia Electric Co. has trekked across the United States on tour with Son Volt, spent two and a half weeks in Europe, including All Tomorrow’s Parties and show no signs of slowing down.

Starting late June, the band returns to Europe to spread their own form of Democracy and then return stateside to finish the job.

On August 7, Secretly Canadian will release The Sojourner Boxset by Magnolia Electric Co. It is the accumulated work of thirteen musicians, five locations, four recording engineers, three filmmakers, two designers and one songwriter, including enough new material for three full lengths, one EP and one DVD.

Nashville Moon was recorded by Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio studios in Chicago, Illinois and features the most frequent line up of Magnolia Electric Co.

Black Ram was recorded by David Lowery at his Sound Of Music studios in Richmond, Virginia and features an entirely different cast of characters.

Sun Sessions was recorded at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. Shohola was recorded by Jason Molina and features himself, alone, with a guitar and microphone.

The DVD is a film called The Road Becomes What You Leave which was produced by Todd Chandler and Tim Sutton. It follows the band as they tour across the prairie provinces of Canada and shows the loneliness and isolation one can feel even when traveling in a pack.

Together, these make for the most ambitious and robust Magnolia Electric Co. release to date; all wrapped up in a special box, with artwork by Jason Molina and some special trinkets as well.

Magnolia Electric Co. tour dates available HERE.