M. Ward Preps Guest-Filled New Album ‘Supernatural Thing’ & Shares Title Track

Contributors to the forthcoming studio album include Jim James, Neko Case, Shovels & Rope and First Aid Kit.

By Scott Bernstein Apr 27, 2023 9:49 am PDT

Singer-songwriter M. Ward will release a new studio album entitled Supernatural Thing through ANTI- on June 23. Ward previewed the star-studded, 10-song collection by unveiling its title track along with an animated video directed by Joel Trussel.

Supernatural Thing comes after Ward put out both Migration Stories and the Billie Holiday covers album Think Of Spring in 2020. A bevy of special guests contributed to the forthcoming LP including Jim James, Neko Case, First Aid Kit, Shovels & Rope, Scott McMicken and more.

While eight of the album’s 10 tracks are new originals, Supernatural Thing also contains a pair of covers. M. Ward enlisted Jim James for a take on “I Can’t Give Everything Away” from David Bowie’s final album, Blackstar. Additionally, Supernatural Thing ends with a live version of Daniel Johnston’s “Story Of An Artist.” “Bowie and Johnston are constant sources of inspiration for me, have been for I don’t know how many years,” Ward explained.

M. Ward shared the following in regards to Supernatural Thing:

“the title comes from an early thought as a kid that radio traveled the same airwaves as messages from supernatural things — and music, especially remembered music, is somehow tied up in this exchange. The sending and receiving of messages from memory and dreams seem to move along this same often broken-up wavelength. I see this new record as an extension, 18 years later, of my ‘Transistor Radio’ record, but this new record is better because its more concise and has more voices and more moods — the way my favorite radio was and still is.”

As for the title track, it was inspired by a message from Elvis Presley of “you can go anywhere you please” passed along in a dream. “All my songs depend on dream-imagery to some extent. And this was an actual dream I had about Elvis, when he came to me and said that. I don’t know if it’s pandemic-related or not,” Ward added.

Watch M. Ward’s “Supernatural Thing” video below:

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Supernatural Thing Tracklist

  1. lifeline
  2. too young to die (feat. First Aid Kit)
  3. supernatural thing
  4. new kerrang (feat. Scott McMicken)
  5. dedication hour (feat. Neko Case)
  6. i can’t give everything away (feat. Jim James)
  7. engine 5 (feat. First Aid Kit)
  8. mr. dixon (feat. Shovels & Rope)
  9. for good (feat. Kelly Pratt)
  10. story of an artist
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