Lotus Announces New Album | Gilded Age Due On 22nd

Jamtronica act Lotus will unveil their newest album, Gilded Age, on July 22. The album contains six new, rock-focused tracks as well as four down-tempo electronic remixes. A presale for both a vinyl edition and digital downloads of Gilded Age is currently underway.

An announcement of the LP explains the theme of the new album:

When Mark Twain coined the term “The Gilded Age” he was describing the Reconstruction Era’s thin veneer that masked substantial social struggle. Nostalgia is like the gilded age of memory. It’s easy for the mind to increase the former glory, the perfect sheen, the once timelessness of present-day ruins.

On this album we wanted to occupy that powerful place of the human mind, the mental eye that can see erosion and cracks and envision a palace. We focused primarily on simple organic instruments: drum, bass, guitar, piano, percussion, played live in a room. The overall mood is one of reflective happiness, the joy of the impermanent, nostalgia of halcyon days.

Remixes from four superb down-tempo electronic producers take the nostalgia into deeper realms. The place where the brain starts reflecting on reflections and mixing together dreams and realities. Welcome to the Gilded Age.

Lotus recorded Gilded Age with Jonathon Low (The National, Local Natives, The War on Drugs) in Philadelphia and the album includes guest vocalist Steve Yutzy-Burkey on three tracks. As they tend to do, Lotus recorded the album live to analog tape with an emphasis on musical playing over studio tricks. “Lotus has long been known as a band with electronic and dance influences, but we also know the power and beauty of a stripped down rock song. On this album, we went for a sound that we hope inspires nostalgia, but also the joy of a hopeful future. I imagine standing at the edge of town, looking back, knowing I’m leaving something behind, but looking forward to the unknown adventure ahead,” said Jesse Miller in a press release announcing the album.

Check out a preview of the new Lotus album: