Location, Location, Location Edition: Cairobi, Palberta & Menace Beach


Cairobi: Cairobi

The three bands in this week’s column are bound together with a fantastical sense of location. The first offering is the self-titled debut from Cairobi. The quartet calls London home, has members with backgrounds in Italy, Mexico and France, recorded their album in four different countries and have a name that is some sort of made up African entity. If that’s got your head spinning, wait until you actually start listening. The sound is indeed worldly and up to the task, an upbeat, jazz-inflected world-psych, infectious in any language. A treat for all RecommNeds readers, old and new.


Palberta: Bye Bye Berta

OK, are you ready to get weird? Good! Because the next one is the experimental free-form album, Bye Bye Berta from the trio of (I believe non-Canadian) musicians that go by the name Palberta. While the name evokes some sort of north-of-the-border hokeyness, their music is impossible to pigeonhole. Most of the tracks clock in around 1 minute and within those precious few seconds, they pack just the right amount of whiplash whatsgoingon before moving on to the next. If you like bizarre, playful, cheeky, goofy, definitely-not-boring, you should give Palberta a try. Also, this album may or may not include a 67 second Bee Gees cover.


Menace Beach: Lemon Memory

Finally, we head back across the Atlantic for a band with a name that is Pacific-inspired. Menace Beach is a Leeds-UK-based group, anchored by Ryan Needham and Liza Violet. Theirs is a raucous, nothing-fancy rock and roll that isn’t afraid to open up and definitely gets the job done. The new album, Lemon Memory, is one turn-it-up, hook-filled rocker after another. If you’ve got an itch for some new guitar-bass-drums-voice action, Menace Beach definitely knows where to scratch. Enjoy!