Lettuce Shares Ryan Zoidis Episode Of ‘The Krewe’ Documentary Series


The latest episode of Lettuce‘s The Krewe documentary video series focuses on saxophonist Ryan Zoidis. The series comes in advance of the funk act’s forthcoming Elevate studio album, which is set for release on June 14 through Regime Music Group.

Zoidis discusses how Lettuce are a family and that he feels lucky to perform for a living. “We’re like brothers. We’ve been playing together for 20 years and it’s really comfortable and nurturing to be around that,” Ryan states. He explains the role of the horns in the band’s music. “We’re the melodic voice of the band,” the Maine native adds. “Playing the parts with style and a cool approach that no one else is doing is important to me.”

The saxophonist goes on to talk about using a synth to provide a new sound for Lettuce’s sonic palette. He also describes the musical chemistry he has both with his fellow horn section member Eric ‘Benny’ Bloom and the rest of the band. Watch the Ryan Zoidis episode of The Krewe below:

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