Lettuce Kicks Off ‘The Krewe’ Documentary Series With ‘Jesus’ Episode


On June 14, Lettuce will release their highly anticipated sixth studio album Elevate via Regime Music Group. Ahead of the LP, the celebrated funk act has launched a new video series dubbed The Krewe: A Lettuce Documentary Series.

The Krewe focuses on the band’s various members, with the first installment featuring Erick “Jesus” Coomes. During the interview, the renowned bassist sheds some light on the forthcoming record, noting “We’ve cut 12 songs, and we have about 20 more we’re trying to cut, or 24 more we wanna get done.” He adds, “We’re going to make sure that we make the time and that we’re comfortable enough to get down the music that we have already, to put down the best versions that we can.”

During the video, which is partially shot at Denver’s Colorado Sound Studios, Jesus’ one-of-a-kind personality shines through. In addition to news of the forthcoming Lettuce collection, he gives sincere glimpses into his demeanour, at one point offering, “I’m pretty much smiling all the time no matter what anyway. I’m a pretty stoked person, pretty happy.” There are a number of lighthearted clips, ranging from the bassist detailing the effects of crystals — leading to his hilarious line “I’m not a geologist. I am a bass player” — to explaining a marmot as a small beaver.

Toward the end, Jesus speaks about how he began playing bass, citing hours of practice with his brother, drummer Tycoon Coomes where they played “hip-hop, funk, classic Hendrix shit.” He also speaks about his goal playing music, noting as he begins to get visibly emotional, “As a bass player sending out these bass frequencies, I want them to hit people with love. I want them to make them feel good. … I want them to heal people.”

Watch the first episode of Lettuce’s The Krewe below:

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