Leslie Mendelson Releases ‘In The Meantime’ EP


Leslie Mendelson shared a new acoustic EP, In The Meantime. The five-song set includes three newly recorded versions of songs off Mendelson’s recently released album, If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…, along with covers of songs by Joni Mitchell and John Martyn.

Mendelson issued If You Can’t Say Anything Nice… in April through Royal Potato Family. The multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter consulted with the label about whether or not to delay the record’s release due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, ultimately deciding to keep its original release date. Subsequent solo livestream performances while sheltering in place inspired Mendelson to record the new versions of the three If You Can’t Say Anything Nice… tracks.

Mendelson stated:

As some of you know, I released my most recent album, If You Can’t Say Anything Nice… back in April, right in the middle of a pandemic. I thought about delaying it—a lot of artists were doing that—but after discussing with my label, I decided to go ahead and release the record anyway. I figured we had nothing to lose and since people were home, maybe they would actually have time to listen. It’s amazing how everything just stopped as the quarantine began. I almost liked it for a minute. The slow down of the everyday grind. I found some peace in all of it. But now what? There were no shows to play and it wasn’t looking like there would be any in the foreseeable future. So like everyone else, I was relegated to playing music through livestreams from my bedroom. The kicker was that this was a rock record. How was I going to present the album on my own without a band? I had rethink everything. Figure out a way to perform these songs solo. Hopefully make them sound halfway decent. After a few of these “virtual livestream shows,” I decided that something new and interesting was happening. Not only did I love being able to connect with people who’d been quarantined for weeks, but I was enjoying the vibe that was happening as I played the songs alone in my room. I felt inspired and decided to record a few of the ones that really worked in a solo acoustic setting. Years from now with distance from it all, I’d love to think this EP will be a moving little reminder of these times we lived through in 2020.

The EP features Mendelson on guitar on new recordings of “If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…,” “Speed Of Light” and “Lay It All On Me.” Steve McEwan added harmonica to “If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…” and additional guitar to “Speed Of Light.” Mendelson also included covers of Joni Mitchell’s “People’s Parties” and John Martyn’s “Head and Heart.” Stream the EP below: