LANDy: Eros And Omissions

By: Dennis Cook

Captured over a stretch of six years (2002-2008), Eros And Omissions (arriving June 23 on Nine Yards Records) is patiently carved, late period Beatles dappled loveliness from actor Adam Goldberg, who many will know from Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused and numerous TV shows, including a memorable run on Entourage. Now most actor-turned-musician outings are sad train wrecks but Goldberg is the real deal, and he’s smart and lucky enough to have scored collaborators like Steven Drodz (The Flaming Lips) and Aaron Espinoza (Earlimart). This sumptuous, darkly turned, introspective stuff works as an excellent slow boil, where you’re diggin’ it on a surface level right from the get-go – a nice soak, if you will – and then by midway you’re cooked through by the thoughtful density of it all. Anyone smitten with the melancholy bits of the Lips or of Montreal or the pop swoon of vintage E.L.O. is gonna love this. And everyone else open to good music with a sustained emotional glow has plenty to discover on this obvious labor of love. A real pleasant surprise.

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