Kimock with EOTO: 11/30 & 12/01

kimEOTOver: Kimock to appear with EOTO (SCI’s Travis and Hann) & Janover
At Cervantes 11/30 & 12/1

Steve Kimock
The latest “collaborative jam-up” comes in the form of four well-known artists: Steve Kimock, Michael Travis, Jason Hann, and Jamie Janover – more aptly called kimEOTOve. They are launching into round two of their collaborative journey on November 30 and December 1 at Cervantes’ Masterpiece in Denver CO.

What started out as one band getting snowed out, and another band getting snowed in last Christmas in Colorado, has turned into an amazing collaboration. Kimock had gotten to Denver before the rest of Banyan for their scheduled Dec 2006 shows, while SCI’s Travis and Hann were coming off of their SCI benefit show at the Boulder Theatre en route to Los Angeles for an EOTO show. The snow storm that hit Denver grounded all planes during that time and both shows were in jeopardy of being cancelled. At the last minute, Jamie Janover (Zilla, Sporque) found out about both situations and put a plan together to have him, Kimock and EOTO play a show together. The result became two nights of completely improvised music combining elements of driving electronic breakbeats and sonic textures, meeting Kimock’s guitar wizardry and tone sculpture. The result was one of the best musical surprises of 2006. Kimock, EOTO, and Janover are coming together again this weekend at Cervantes for another musical all-improvised adventure.


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