Kids Rock Spotify Playlist


Discerning music fans often groan at the mere mention of “children’s music,” rightfully so, as much of what is produced for the underagers of the world is often a tough on the ears of elder listeners. That’s not to say all tunes aimed at kids are bad, and this week’s Spotify Playlist sets out to prove just that. The Kids Rock playlist below includes songs either recorded for or featuring kids performed by a non-typical assortment of artists for the genre.

The 50 songs collected in the playlist are with few exceptions recorded by musicians not normally associated with kids rock. The tracks tend to fall into a two basic categories:songs that feature children joining bands and solo artists on a recording and songs recorded specifically for a children’s album, soundtrack or other similar release outside of the performer’s usual output.

From the former group you’ll find tracks like Phish’s “Contact” and Gorillaz’s “Dirty Harry,” and the latter group is represented by songs like Medeski, Martin & Wood’s “Let’s Go Everywhere,” My Morning Jacket’s “Our World” and David Grisman & Jerry Garcia’s “There Ain’t No Bugs On Me.” [Ed. Note: the last track by Yo La Tengo “Nuclear War” contains PG-13 language probably not suitable for the littlest of listeners]

Whether you’re attempting to be a hip mom or cool uncle, need a soundtrack for a babysitting session or simply want to let the inner child within you loose, this playlist can serve as your path to a more than tolerable toddler musical experience.