‘Kharma Bums’ Film & Mike Dillon-Penned Soundtrack Now Available


The documentary Kharma Bums, which follows the spiritual journey of four friends as they make their way down the Ganges River, is now available to rent, buy and stream via Amazon Prime. Acclaimed percussionist Mike Dillon‘s score/soundtrack for the 69-minute film has been released through Royal Potato Family.

Kharma Bums made the film festival circuit ahead of its release on Amazon Prime. The four friends featured in the documentary traversed the Ganges, the most revered and potentially most polluted river on the planet, using stand-up paddleboards. The 140-mile journey takes them from Kumbh Mela, the largest gathering of humans ever recorded, to the holy city of Varanasi.

Mike Dillon recorded the score at Marigny Studios in New Orleans with co-producer, and The Polyphonic Spree multi-instrumentalist, Rick Nelson. Dillon provides vocals on the title track and teams with James Singleton on “Drivin’ To Kumbh Mela,” one of 16 songs on the score/soundtrack. “Working with one of my favorite musicians was a true pleasure,” noted Kharma Bums director, Jeremiah Kent, in a statement. “He was able to create a musical backdrop that captured the essence of India, but was also completely original and unique, just like our journey down the river.”

“Well I got to say the feedback from what y’all released has been really nice to tell you the truth I forgot about this record and how cool it actually was to me that’s one of the joys of making music you make it and it’s out there and sometimes you forget about it and then someone says hey I really like that so I’m very happy that you guys were able to release this moment in time,” added Mike Dillon. “I was able to do my interpretation and bring some elements of Indian music Tabla And sitar into my field of vision and merge it with y’all’s beautiful, life changing, experience.”

Listen to Mike D.’s score below:

Check out a trailer for Kharma Bums:

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