Kendall Street Company Shares ‘Say Hey!’ Single

"Say Hey!" arrived along with a music video.

By Nate Todd Jul 12, 2021 11:26 am PDT

Kendall Street Company released a new single, “Say Hey!” The song will appear on the Inertia album of the Virginia-based rockers’ double LP, The Year The Earth Stood Still , due out on September 24 via What Is Yes Records.

Kendall Street Company announced The Year The Earth Stood Still in May and shared “The Space Race.” The track appeared on the double LP’s first album, Ninurta, which arrived on June 11. The band now heralds The Year The Earth Stood Still’s second album, Inertia, with “Say Hey!”

“On day three in the studio, we started exploring a more positive harmonic rhythm to act as a palate cleanser from the dense instrumental tracks that made up Ninurta before heading back to our instruments to ink it,” Kendall Street Company bassist and lead vocalist Brian Roy said of the journey to “Say Hey!”

Lead guitarist/vocalist Ben Laderberg added the following:

I feel like there should be words right here. Drawing inspiration from that line, I threw together a couple of verses about how I’d been feeling while stuck inside during the peak of the pandemic, starved of social interaction. Despite the heavy subject matter, the tongue-in-cheek tone of the song allowed us to capture the experience from a humorous lens.

Once we had left the studio and were listening back to our final takes, “Say Hey!” stood out among a sea of more esoteric tracks from the session. We felt like we could be a bit more clear with the messaging of the song if we embraced its pop-influenced style, which led us back to the studio to track a new version. By the time we re-recorded it, we were beginning to see a glimmer of light at the end of the COVID tunnel, which certainly comes through when contrasting both versions.

“Say Hey!” arrived along with an accompanying video. Watch it below:

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