Kendall Street Company Shares New Single ‘The Space Race’ & Announces Double Album Project

By Scott Bernstein May 10, 2021 1:39 pm PDT

Kendall Street Company has a big 2021 coming featuring live dates and the release of an ambitious double LP project entitled The Year The Earth Stood Still via What Is Yes Records. The Charlottesville-based band previewed the first of the two albums, Ninurta, by sharing the new single “The Space Race.”

Ninurta consists of eight tracks and is due June 11. The “space opera companion” Inertia, featuring nine additional tracks, arrives to complete The Year The Earth Stood Still on September 24.

Kendall Street Company recorded The Year The Earth Stood Still in rural Virginia over the course of five days with engineer John Trainum (Kate Bollinger, Shy Lennox). “Determined not to let the specter of the COVID-19 pandemic throw their aspiration off course, KSC embraced the opportunity to explore a new creative frontier,” noted press materials announcing the massive 17-track collection. “Armed with a bevy of inspiration, and fueled by the paradigm shift unfolding before them, the troupe set sail on their most ambitious odyssey to date – to write, arrange, and record a new album entirely from scratch. Over long-winded sessions that ran late into the night, and despite a raging thunderstorm that only the deities themselves could take credit for, a record was born.”

Ninurta is described as “a nod to the Mesopotamian god whose stalwart presence emerges every seven millennia to save humanity from its own avarice.” Kendall Street Company’s new single, “The Space Race,” incorporates portions of John F. Kennedy’s historic 1962 speech, “We Choose To Go To The Moon.”

Stream Kendall Street Company’s “The Space Race” below:

The Year The Earth Stood Still Tracklist

Part I: Ninurta

  1. Ninurta
  2. Our Space Heroine
  3. Picking Apples Off the Apple Tree
  4. The Space Race
  5. Pink Flying Saucer
  6. On Call
  7. Doomsday
  8. There is no such thing as free will.

Part II: Inertia

  1. Home & Garden
  2. Livin’ on the Bone
  3. Geaux
  4. Say Hey!
  5. Kenny J
  6. Over the Water
  7. Sunbeam
  8. Underneath the Summer Sun
  9. Return of the Pink Flying Saucer
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