Kendall Street Company Releases Rocking Cover Of The Beatles’ ‘Fool On The Hill’

Listen to the Charlottesville rockers on the Magical Mystery Tour cut.

By Nate Todd Mar 17, 2023 1:02 pm PDT

Charlotteville, Virginia rockers Kendall Street Company released a cover of The Beatles’ “The Fool On The Hill.” The Paul McCartney-penned number appears on the iconic band’s 1967 album, Magical Mystery Tour.

Kendall Street Company’s “The Fool On The Hill” follows the group’s 2022 release of another McCartney-led Beatles classic, “Rocky Racoon.” A humorous statement regarding the new nod to the Fab Four stated KSC plans to “release one fun Beatles cover per year until they die.” Read the note below:

Kendall Street Company wants to make The Beatles a household name. That’s why they have made it their mission to release one fun Beatles cover per year until they die. This year, following the success of last year’s “Rocky Raccoon” release, the band decided to delve deeper into the Liverpoolian catalog with a psyched out diddy about “The Fool On The Hill.” To make the song their own, the band jammed out the outro until it reached an intense swirly peak. It’s really sick. If you love The Rolling Stones, The Who, or Led Zeppelin then you’ll LOVE this!

Listen to Kendall Street Company cover “The Fool On The Hill” below:

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