Gimme Shelter In Place: Keller Williams Performs ‘High And Mighty’

By Team JamBase Apr 1, 2020 12:20 pm PDT

Gimme Shelter In Place is JamBase’s new daily archival video series launched for fans who right now can’t go see live music. Canceled concerts and music festivals due to social distancing and sheltering in place in response to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic brought a halt to tours around the globe. We know nothing can truly replace seeing live music in person, but we hope the Gimme Shelter In Place live videos provide a taste of those memorable experiences.

Once again pulling from our cache of outtakes from our Songs Of Their Own Grateful Dead 50th anniversary video series, this footage features Keller Williams performing at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, California. Several Songs Of Their Own videos were recorded at Terrapin Crossroads, the concert venue and restaurant established by Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh in 2012. Like Strangefolk guitarists Reid Genauer and Jon Trafton, whose Songs Of Their Own outtake was yesterday’s Gimme Shelter In Place selection, Keller contributed more than one Dead cover to the project that premiered in 2015.

KW performed covers of “Cumberland Blues” and “Brown-Eyed Woman” during his session at Terrapin Crossroads. At the time, KW was in town to perform at TXR’s 4/20 House Party as a member of Phil Lesh & Friends with Jackie Greene, Jason Crosby and Alex Koford. Prior to that night’s performance, Keller recorded a backstage session that included the pair of Dead tunes and a few of his originals. One of the originals was “High And Mighty,” which appeared on his 2015 studio album, Vape.

Watch Keller’s performance of “High And Mighty” and all of the Gimme Shelter In Place videos in the playlist below:

Stay tuned as we share a new Gimme Shelter In Place live performance video every weekday for the foreseeable future. Keep tabs on livestreams, including KW’s Live From Keller’s Cellar, via the JamBase Livestreams Calendar, which offers the ability to toggle back and forth between streams, and be sure to subscribe to the JamBase YouTube channel.

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