Katy Tur Surprises Jake Sherman With Yet Another Phish Reference On MSNBC


MSNBC host Katy Tur has made a game of working references to the Vermont jam act Phish into her broadcasts on the cable network. She especially likes to mention the band when fellow Phish-loving journalist Jake Sherman of Politco appears on the show as Tur did this afternoon.

Katy and Jake volleyed titles of Phish songs back in March and did so again on June 6. Today, Tur caught Sherman by surprise when she remarked, “it’s certainly not A Picture Of Nectar for this White House” in reference to the band’s 1992 studio album. Jake couldn’t help but react with a sly grin as Tur mentioned he’s a “noted Phish fan.”

Thanks to @LawnBoy78 for capturing the fun:

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