Hear Karina Rykman Take ‘Joyride’ With Trey Anastasio On Debut Album’s Title Track

The Phish guitarist also co-produced Joyride and contributed to four other songs on the bassist’s first full-length studio album.

By Scott Bernstein Jun 7, 2023 7:03 am PDT

Bassist and singer-songwriter Karina Rykman will release her debut full-length studio album, Joyride, through AWAL on Friday, August 18. Rykman enlisted mentor Trey Anastasio of Phish to co-produce the album and contribute to five songs including the spellbinding title track/lead single.

Karina Rykman recorded portions of Joyride at Anastasio’s famed Vermont studio The Barn with longtime Phish collaborator Bryce Goggin mixing. Rykman reconnected with Trey at the 2021 Peach Music Festival, where the guitarist offered his help in producing Karina’s debut album.

The pair’s friendship dates back well over a decade to when Rykman attended middle school in New York City with Anastasio’s daughters. The Phish guitarist was among musicians Karina spoke with in 2011 for her “Junior Workshop Project” at The Calhoun School, where she explored “Is There A Formula For Popular Success In Music?”

The bassist’s first big break came while she was a senior at NYU, when Dave Dreiwitz recommended her as his replacement in Marco Benevento‘s band. Karina still tours with the keyboardist through the present. Rykman went on to form her own band, recruiting Adam November (guitar, loopers, effects) and Chris Corsico. Karina’s trio has played numerous renowned festivals, embarked on multiple headlining tours and opened for the likes of the Disco Biscuits, Guster and Khruangbin.

In 2019 Rykman started issuing a series of independent singles. Some of those songs, namely “Elevator” and “Plants,” have been reworked for inclusion on Joyride. Childhood friend Gabe Monro is the other co-producer of the nine-track LP.

“You only get to make your first album once,” Rykman explained, “and I couldn’t be prouder of what we created with this one. It’s a moment in time – the first of what I hope to be a lifetime of making records and touring behind them. I don’t care about bells and whistles; I’m just addicted to playing.”

Karina also discussed working with Trey Anastasio, stating:

“Trey and I hadn’t seen each other since pre-pandemic. But at this music festival, he ran up to me and referred to each of my singles by name. I had no idea he knew what I was up to, musically speaking. I went to middle school with his daughters, and we’ve been ‘family friends’ for a long time, but it wasn’t until that moment in July 2021 that he really became a musical peer. The amount of selflessness and care he has shown in his mentorship toward me is awe-inspiring. I could never thank him enough for all he’s given me.”

“When I first heard the early demos, the first thing I said was more Karina,” added Trey Anastasio. “Turn up the bass, sing more, and step out. What makes me most happy about the finished album now is that to my ears, it sounds like Karina unapologetically. It has her nature. It has her incredible joyous outlook that I know is real because I saw it in her when she was a kid.”

Karina Rykman and Gabe Monro co-wrote “Joyride,” the first taste of the forthcoming LP. Contributors include Anastasio (guitar), Corsico (drums), Monro (keys/synth bass) and the Disco Biscuits’ keyboardist Aron Magner (synth). Rykman played guitar and sang the track. “I’ve held this song so close for so long, and nothing brings me more joy than to let it go – it belongs to you now. Spin it loud and proud,” Karina exclaimed.

Stream Karina Rykman’s “Joyride” below:

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Joyride Tracklist

  1. Joyride
  2. Fever Dream
  3. Elevator
  4. Beacon
  5. Plants
  6. All That You Wanted
  7. Skylark / Slowlark
  8. Run of the Mill
  9. Trampoline
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