Kai Eckhardt & Fareed Haque Announce Garaj Mahal Reformation

By Andy Kahn May 15, 2018 1:01 pm PDT

Last weekend for the first time since 2011, Garaj Mahal performed live in the United States. Following those three shows in Colorado, bassist Kai Eckhardt has addressed the future of Garaj Mahal.

According to a message shared by Eckhardt, Garaj Mahal will move forward with guitarist Fareed Haque co-leading the group. A new lineup of musicians will participate at various times, while keyboardist Eric Levy and drummer Alan Hertz will remain in the mix when their schedules permit.

“We are going to present a couple of new line-ups while at the same time keeping the original members on board as part of the family,” Eckhardt stated. “Nobody gets fired. Instead, we are expanding our inner circle to include some amazing musicians yet to be discovered by many of you. Our long time members are still our musical equals in the mix, but to the degree they are not available, Fareed and I will be in charge of navigating the ship.”

Details of additional contributing musicians are expected in the near future. Garaj Mahal reunited after a six-year hiatus to play the 2017 Element Music Festival in Canada. Currently, they do not have any scheduled tour dates.

Read Eckhardt’s full message below:

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