Funk At A Distance Edition: Jungle Fire, The Sorcerers, Black Market Brass & Spacebomb House Band


Jungle Fire: Jungle Fire

Just because we’re all self-isolating doesn’t mean we can’t dance, right? I think the time is right for a good set of the funky-funk and I hope you agree. I’ll start with Los Angeles ensemble Jungle Fire whose self-described “TropiFunk” will turn your quarantine into a dance party. Their newest self-titled album is one deep-groover after another, heavy rhythms, sweaty horns, plenty of oomph. Dig it.


The Sorcerers: In Search Of The Lost City Of The Monkey God

One of our favorite funk-your-face bands around here at the RecommNeds are The Sorcerers, an outfit from Leeds in the U.K. We’re talking dark-as-night shit for your after-hours hang. Their newest release is called In Search of the Lost City of the Monkey God, and if that sounds like the name of an old film serial, it’s no accident. The album is a soundtrack to an imaginary movie, but the grooves are all-too-real. This is the good stuff, friends, get into it.


Black Market Brass: Undying Thirst

We’ve got a theme of big old groove machines going in this week’s column so far and no need to stop now. The next pick for your booty-shake are Black Market Brass out of Minneapolis. Yes, they’re a bras-heavy band, but they are more than just a brass band. Their sophomore record is called Undying Thirst and it’s brimming with complex rhythms, interesting ideas and dramatic fluorishes. And lots o’ that irresistible funky stuff as well. Much to dig into, so check it out!


Spacebomb House Band: Large Bills Makin’ Change

And finally, we’ll head to Richmond, Virginia, to the Spacebomb studios. Some of the most compelling, interesting, awesomely groovy music these past few years has been put out as part of the Spacebomb House Band library series. They are all great in their own way, some hitting straight R&B or funk, so mixing in more hip hop or electronic elements. From short sample-ready bursts of groove to more developed pieces, it’s all magic. Their newest is volume VIII already somehow; it’s called Large Bills Makin’ Change and it’s a little bit of everything in the best way possible. They’re all highly recommended, but this one is as good a place to start as any. Get funky, friends!