Julien Baker Covers ‘A Dreamer’s Holiday’


Julien Baker released a cover of “A Dreamer’s Holiday.” The festive track comes as part of Spotify Singles: Holiday Collection.

Perry Como and The Fontane Sisters popularized “A Dreamer’s Holiday” in 1949 and over 30 years later Willie Nelson included it on his Without a Song album. For Baker, the holiday cover comes on the heels of the singer-songwriter announcing her album, Little Oblivions, which arrives on February 26 through Matador Records.

Baker detailed why she chose the holiday classic in a statement. Read her words below:

I chose “Dreamers Holiday” because I found it incredibly unique as far as holiday songs are concerned. It’s a very understated song – both lyrically and musically; while it’s technically about a “holiday,” it doesn’t directly reference any specific holiday theme, it leaves the lyrics a bit more open-ended. It’s the same way with the music — the chord structure is complicated but surprisingly timeless to me even though the song itself is over 70 years old. It’s the kind of song whose arrangement can be re-imagined so many times, and I love the feeling of sonic potential a single like that gives me.

Stream Julien Baker covering “A Dreamer’s Holiday” below:

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