Joss Stone Makes ‘Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ Debut


Vocalist Joss Stone made her debut appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night. Stone contributed a remote performance of her new single, “Walk With Me.”

Joss Stone released “Walk With Me,” her first new solo single in three years, last month. The British soul singer co-wrote the song with Jonathan Shorten, who also co-produced the track with Stone.

“The song started out as a romantic song asking someone to walk through life with you, kind of like a wedding song if you will,” said Stone of her new single in a statement. “When we got to working on it so much had happened that I couldn’t take my mind off. With the pandemic and what happened with George Floyd that unfortunately sparked so much violence it got me thinking that the problem is mostly with the us and them attitude. That is the biggest killer – separation and judgement. Everyone needs to come together in order to survive this life in peace. Without togetherness nothing is OK.”

Watch Joss Stone’s Monday performance on Colbert below:

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