Jon Fishman Talks Phish & More On ‘The Nite Show’

By Scott Bernstein May 21, 2018 11:18 am PDT

Drummer Jon Fishman of Phish made an appearance this past Saturday night on the Bangor-based late night program The Nite Show With Danny Cashman. Among the topics Fishman chatted about were the referendum on ranked-choice voting in Maine, Phish’s decision as a band to stay out of politics and his excitement for the group’s upcoming tour. Highlights from the drummer’s visit to The Nite Show have been posted on the program’s YouTube channel.

Fishman took the stage at the Gracie Theatre in Bangor as house band the Brian Nadeau & The Nite Show Band played Phish’s “Bouncing Around The Room.” Host Danny Cashman started the interview by talking about the popularity of Phish in Maine and the group’s Lemonwheel and Great Went festivals in Limestone. When asked what Maine means to him, Fishman explained that “It’s my home now” and related that many in the state know Phish more because of the ruckus the festivals caused than because of their music.


Cashman also asked Fishman about his recent election as selectman in his hometown of Lincolnville. The drummer mentioned that friends and family talked to him about seeking the position. “And then the next thing you know you’re responsible for spending the town’s money responsibly and if anything goes wrong you get yelled at,” Jon added. “It’s a great way to get to know your town and it’s truly public service and it’s humbling in that way. It’s good.” The Syracuse native went on to discuss his support of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in 2016. Next, Fishman explained why Phish decided against doing a benefit for Sanders.

Watch the beginning of Jon Fishman’s appearance on The Nite Show:


In another clip, Fishman is asked about whether he’s getting excited for Phish tour. “Now more than ever,” the drummer said. “I’m 53-years-old and I feel like I’m actually starting to get good. I feel like I’m starting to really break ground in areas of drumming I haven’t heard from other people yet.” He continued on about how it took Phish time to get back to where they left off after a breakup from 2004 – 2009.

Check out the clip about Fish’s excitement for Phish tour:


Finally, Jon Fishman weighed in on Maine’s effort to employ ranked-choice voting in which voters will have the opportunity to put candidates into a list of their preferred victors from first to last. An upcoming election in June will be the state’s first to use the system and will also include a referendum on whether ranked-choice voting will be used in the future. Watch Fish’s explanation of the system and why he thinks it’s a “no-brainer”:

Phish kicks off their summer tour on July 17 in Stateline, Nevada.

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