Jon Fishman Explains Why He Is Voting For Bernie Sanders

By Scott Bernstein Feb 9, 2016 8:04 am PST

Last night, Phish drummer Jon Fishman appeared at Bernie Sanders’ Commit To Vote Concert at UNH Durham Whittemore Center in Durham, New Hampshire. While there Fish taped a short video for the campaign explaining why he will be voting for the Vermont Senator to win the presidency.

Jon feels that Sanders is “an honest person who worked very hard to get done the things that he said he would” during his time as Burlington Mayor. Fishman went on to say he found Bernie’s hard work and accomplishments as mayor to be consistent with his entire political career. The drummer asked those that feel the same way he does to vote for Sanders in the primaries.

Watch Jon Fishman’s video in support of Bernie Sanders:

Jon Fishman started extolling the virtues of Sanders’ candidacy on Facebook and Twitter last summer and has continued tweeting and sharing Facebook posts about the campaign since. Fishman has a long history of supporting Bernie’s political endeavors including performing at a 2006 Honky Tonk The Vote concert for Sanders’ Senatorial campaign.

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