Remembering John Prine: Performing Live From Los Angeles In 2014

Watch John deliver a bevy of his classics and welcome Conor Oberst.

By Nate Todd Apr 7, 2022 12:03 pm PDT

John Prine sadly died two years ago today from complications due to COVID-19. He was 73 years old. On October 5, 2014 the beloved singer-songwriter delivered a concert at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. In honor of John, JamBase takes a look at the show which featured a host of Prine classics as well as sit-ins from opener Conor Oberst.

John Prine and his band — guitarist Jason Wilber, mandolinist Pat McLaughlin and bassist Dave Jacques — began the set with one of those classics, “Spanish Pipedream,” off his 1971 self-titled debut album. Next, John offered the opening track, “Picture Show,” from his Grammy-winning 1991 LP, The Missing Years. Prine then returned to his debut LP with, “Six O’Clock News,” after which he showcased that Prine wit saying, “Let’s see if we can find one a little bit lighter than that. I wrote that song when I was about 19. I guess I was looking for drama.” John then offered “Souvenirs” from his 1972 record Diamonds In The Rough.

Prine followed with a pair of songs about one of his favorite themes, elders, beginning with “Grandpa Was A Carpenter,” which he followed with a “one syllable cigarette” story, ahead of “Hello In There.” He introduced the latter by saying, “They were a big part of my life early on, my grandparents. But as I grew up and would go into a room somewhere I didn’t know many people, I find myself gravitating towards the more elderly people just cause I figured they knew something that I didn’t know…so I kinda wanted to know what they knew. And when I did grow up, that’s what I wanted to be, an old person.”

After “Hello In There,” John delivered the rocker “Iron Ore Betty” from his 1976 album, Bruised Orange, ahead of the title track to his 1980 album Storm Windows. Prine continued with Bruised Orange’s “Fish And Whistle” ahead of his oft-covered classic “Angel From Montgomery,” which he dedicated to the artist with the definitive cover version, Bonnie Raitt. Next, John thanked opener Conor Oberst and dedicated “Long Monday” to Conor and his wife. Classics “Donald And Lydia” and “That’s The way That The World Goes Round” came next.

Prine then welcomed Oberst to help him sing “Crazy As A Loon” from his Grammy-winning 2007 record, Fair & Square. Oberst would depart and Prine would rock out once again on the only cover of the evening, “Bear Creek Blues” by The Carter Family. John closed out his set with “Lake Marie” form his 1995 Lp Lost Dogs And Mixed Blessings. Oberst and his band would join Prine for the encore of the classic “Paradise” to bring the evening to a close.

To remember John Prine, watch him perform from Los Angeles in 2014 below:

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John Prine at Greek Theatre

  • Spanish Pipedream
  • Picture Show
  • Six O'Clock News
  • Souvenirs
  • Grandpa Was a Carpenter
  • Hello in There
  • Iron Ore Betty
  • Storm Windows
  • Fish and Whistle
  • Angel From Montgomery
  • Long Monday
  • Donald and Lydia
  • That's the Way That the World Goes 'Round
  • Crazy as a Loon
  • Bear Creek Blues  
  • Lake Marie
  • Paradise
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