John Bell Discusses Widespread Panic Decision To Stop Touring

Last week, Widespread Panic keyboardist JoJo Hermann revealed the band’s intention to stop touring extensively after 2016. Today, the Charleston Post & Courier posted a chat with Panic frontman John Bell that finds JB talking about the band’s future and more.

“The plan now is just to dial it down a little bit in the future. Not do as many shows, but still be out there from year to year,” JB told the Post & Courier before he added the band wants “a little breathing room to enjoy our families and pursue any other non-Panic things that any of us feel drawn to.” Bell explained that Widespread Panic will not be taking a hiatus, mentioning the band still plans to play what the paper describes as “blowouts at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, or Jazz Fest in New Orleans, for instance.” Instead, the Georgia rockers won’t be hitting the road for weeks at a time.

John Bell also addressed another big change for Widespread Panic. “It’s private business,” the vocalist said about the decision not to explain to fans why original drummer Todd Nance was replaced by Duane Trucks. He did say, “We’re having a great time with Duane. He’s young, but he’s extremely professional and knowledgeable.” Head to for more of the paper’s chat with JB. Widespread Panic continues Spring Tour at the James Brown Arena in Augusta, Georgia tonight.

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