John Bell Confirms Fall Release For Widespread Panic Album

Widespread Panic frontman John Bell has confirmed the band’s long-awaited follow-up to 2010’s Dirty Side Down is coming out in September as part of an interview with Marquee Mag. Bell discusses the group’s new material and their fondness for Red Rocks in the chat.

[Photo by Ian Rawn]

Panic entered a North Carolina studio earlier this year with current drummer Duane Trucks. While the band has debuted a number of new originals since that time, Marquee Mag’s feature mentions “there may still be some surprises when the album does emerge” as per Bell. “We’ve done so many records and tried so many angles of approach that this time, we just said: ‘We want to play the songs, so we’ll just start playing,’” JB said. The vocalist/guitarist told Marquee the reception has been positive towards the new material thus far. “I’ve heard good things, and that’s nice to hear,” Bell said. “But basically, we do it for ourselves and hope that leaks over to everybody else’s intrigue and enjoyment.”

When asked about the approach Widespread Panic takes towards writing new material, Bell responded “Some things were created from scratch right there in the studio, and other things were something you mess around with at home and then bring in and the boys go to work and add their touches. There’s no real sacred territory there. It’s a great balance to what we do on the road. You go in there, and you’re in a studio situation and you come up with different sounds and different ideas and just playing things multiple times to familiarize yourself with them before you get the take that you want to use — and it’s all new stuff that you want to use.”

We look forward to hearing the end result when Widespread Panic issues their new studio album. Some of the originals the band has debuted thus far in 2015 are “Cease Fire,” “Jamais Vu,” “Street Dogs For Breakfast” and “I Swear It Wasn’t Me.” Head to Marquee Mag for Bell’s thoughts on “JBisms,” playing Red Rocks and more.

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