Joel Cummins Covers My Morning Jacket, Bill Evans, Poison & More For ‘Friday Night Keys’


Joel Cummins continued his Friday Night Keys livestream series yesterday. The Umphrey’s McGee keyboardist covered My Morning Jacket, Bill Evans, Poison and more.

Cummins kicked things off with a synth-filled “Jazz Odyssey” jam (a reference to the famed Derek Smalls composition in Spinal Tap), which saw Joel working the arpeggiator and pads as well as adding bells and whistles here and there. Cummins then sat down at the piano for Claude Debussy’s frenetic “Pour Le Piano Prélude.” After saying good evening to the internet audience, Joel performed legendary jazz pianist Bill Evans’ “In Memory of His Father.” Cummins then gave a little history on the writing of the Umphrey’s song “Words,” which fittingly saw guitarists Jake Cinninger and Brendan Bayliss along with Cummins all contributing lyrics, all of which Joel sang in what he called a “new” song presumably for Friday Night Keys. Next up, Joel took it back with the UM old-school rarity, “Salamander Strut,” a song the band hasn’t played since 1999 ahead of a cover of My Morning Jacket’s “Feet You” from their 2015 album The Waterfall, which Cummins sang and played on the piano.

Joel then offered up a mashup of Billy Joel’s “The Stranger” and the UM tune “Much Obliged” which saw Joel delivering the intro and outro for the Billy Joel classic with “Much Obliged” sandwiched in between, a song Brendan usually sings but which Cummins tackled for FNK. More Umphrey’s came in the form of “Proverbial” which led into the Allman Brothers Band instrumental “Jessica” on the piano. Joel then proceeded to deliver a massive ending segment bookended by UM’s “Wizard Burial Ground” and containing the Cummins composed instrumental “Orfeo” as well as a double dose of Poison in “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” and “Something To Believe In.” After the Poison section, Joel returned to “Orfeo” ahead of Umphrey’s “Den” before revisiting “Wizard Burial Ground” to close out the stream.

Watch Joel Cummins entire February 26 Friday Night Keys performance below via the JamBase Live Video Archive:

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Set: Jazz Odyssey, Pour Le Piano Prélude, In Memory Of His Father, Words, Salamander Strut, Feel You, The Stranger > Much Obliged > The Stranger, Proverbial > Jessica, Wizard Burial Ground > Orfeo > Every Rose Has Its Thorn > Something To Believe In > Orfeo > Den > Wizard Burial Ground

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