Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Busts Out Radiohead Cover In New Haven

Watch JRAD on a standalone "Saint Of Circumstance."

By Nate Todd May 15, 2022 9:10 am PDT

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead returned to New Haven, Connecticut’s Westville Music Bowl on Saturday. The Grateful Dead tribute band dusted off Radiohead’s “The Bends” during the second set.

JRAD kicked off a jam heavy, five-song first set with the GD-covered King Radio tune “Man Smart, Woman Smarter.” “Tennessee Jed” followed ahead of Bob Weir and John Perry Barlow’s “Cassidy.” JRAD then delivered the Dead rarity “My Brother Esau.” Although “Esau” was played frequently during the time, GD only performed it between 1983 and ‘87. Next came the Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter tune, “Sugaree” off Jerry’s 1972 solo debut album, Garcia, to close out the first set.

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead stuck to Jerry Garcia’s debut solo album to start the second set with a massive “Bird Song” at over 20 minutes. They then turned to another tune originating in the Bobby solo canon, “Playing In the Band.” Next, JRAD offered the GD rarity “King Solomon’s Marbles.” The Grateful Dead only performed the Blues For Allah song once in 1975, as per Herbibot. Another Dead rarity, “Mission In The Rain” followed. GD only played the Hunter/Garcia composition five times in June 1976. After “Touch Of Grey,” a lone “Saint Of Circumstance” followed. The song was usually paired with “Lost Sailor” in the GD repertoire.

Next came Radiohead’s “The Bends.” JRAD had not played the title track to Radiohead’s landmark 1995 album since August 16, 2018 at Red Rocks, as per SetlistFM stats. Almost Dead has only played the Radiohead tune 4 times according to SetlistFM. “One More Saturday Night” would close out the second set ahead of a “Ripple” encore.

Watch fan-shot video of the standalone “Saint Of Circumstance” below and check out full-show audio below via Jeff Travitz:

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Joe Russo's Almost Dead at Westville Music Bowl

Set 1
  • Man Smart, Woman Smarter  
  • Tennessee Jed  
  • Cassidy  
  • My Brother Esau  
  • Sugaree  
Set 2
  • Bird Song  
  • Playing in the Band  
  • King Solomon's Marbles  
  • Mission in the Rain  
  • Touch of Grey  
  • Saint of Circumstance  
  • The Bends  
  • One More Saturday Night  
  • Ripple
  • Grateful Dead
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