Watch Katie Jacoby Join Joe Russo’s Almost Dead For ‘I Know You Rider’ With ‘Baba O’Riley’ Solo At Red Rocks

The touring violinist for The Who also contributed to JRAD’s debut cover of a The Waterboys’ classic.

By Scott Bernstein Jun 5, 2023 10:20 am PDT

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead played the first of two consecutive shows at the scenic Colorado venue Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Saturday. The quintet named after drummer Joe Russo welcomed violinist Katie Jacoby to guest on a pair of songs at the end of Saturday’s second set that included the “Baba O’Riley” solo she’s taken at each The Who show since she started touring with the legendary rock band in 2019.

Jacoby, the wife of JRAD guitarist Scott Metzger, emerged as the tribute act was jamming on “I Know You Rider” late in the closing stanza on Saturday. The Hockessin, Delaware-native began wailing on “Rider.” She traded licks with her husband while keyboardist Marco Benevento pounded away on piano. JRAD guitarist Tom Hamilton played rhythm and bassist Dave Dreiwitz kept in the pocket for the “China Cat”/”Rider” transition jam that came sans “China Cat Sunflower.” The band and their guest went full bore into “I Know You Rider” before Hamilton, Metzger and Russo began singing the traditional song.

Hamilton and Jacoby each took majestic solos between verses. Tommy belted out the “I wish I was a headlight on a northbound train, I’d shine my light in the Colorado rain” lyric to the delight of those at the idyllic Morrison, Colorado venue. The guitarists both had another go at the “Rider” progression leading into the a capella chorus that usually concludes the song. However, JRAD extended the final chord and segued into the end of The Who’s 1971 epic “Baba O’Riley.” Katie Jacoby provided the signature violin solo to wrap the segment.

Watch video captured by Monica Hampton of the “Rider”/”Baba O’Riley” solo pairing below:

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Katie Jacoby stuck around to accompany Joe Russo’s Almost Dead on a debut cover of The Waterboys’ “We Will Not Be Lovers.” Metzger handled lead vocals on “We Will Not Be Lovers” as he did when his former band, RANA, used to perform the song. Joe Russo noted the last time he saw Scott Metzger sing The Waterboys’ classic was “20-some-odd years ago at CBGBs” when RANA played the famed NYC club. JRAD returned sans guests to punctuate the concert witha “Stella Blue” encore.

Earlier in the night, the five-piece jammed into “The Wheel” to kick off their first of two sets on Saturday. The rest of the setlist was filled with well-jammed, high-octane versions of Grateful Dead favorites such as “Uncle John’s Band,” “Crazy Fingers,” “Estimated Prophet” and “St. Stephen.” JRAD also pulled from the JGB repertoire in launching Saturday’s second set with a Hamilton-sung “Cats Under The Stars.”

Photos by Jeremy Williams (From Sunday, June 4)

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Audience Recording (Taped by Jeff Travitz)


Set One: Jam > The Wheel, Uncle John’s Band, Man Smart (Woman Smarter), Alabama Getaway, Crazy Fingers, Lost Sailor > Saint Of Circumstance

Set Two: Cats Under The Stars, Minglewood Blues, Estimated Prophet, St. Stephen > I Know You Rider* > Baba O’Riley Solo**, We Will Not Be Lovers***

Encore: Stella Blue

  • * – with Katie Jacoby on violin
  • ** – with Katie Jacoby on violin, First Time Played (The Who)
  • *** – with Katie Jacoby on violin, First Time Played (The Waterboys)
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