Jerry Douglas: Tut Taylor Tribute Record

By Team JamBase Aug 26, 2010 9:07 am PDT


Southern Filibuster: A Tribute to Tut Taylor
There isn’t a Dobro player alive who doesn’t owe Tut Taylor. Taylor is a towering figure in the world of acoustic music, championed for his flat-picking mastery by generations of fellow musicians and connoisseurs of rural American music.

One of Taylor’s lifelong devotees is Jerry Douglas, perhaps the most celebrated Dobro player in the world for more than 30 years. Douglas honors his inspiration with Southern Filibuster: A Tribute to Tut Taylor (released July 13 on E1 Music).

For this labor of love, Douglas assembled 14 of the world’s greatest Dobro players to interpret compositions penned by Taylor. He also enlisted Nashville’s finest backing musicians for the recording including Ronnie McCoury (mandolin), Jason Carter (fiddle), Tim O’Brien (mandolin), Russ Barenberg (guitar), Barry Bales (bass), Fred Carpenter (fiddle), Stuart Duncan (fiddle), Chris Jones (guitar), Mike Compton (mandolin), Dennis Crouch (bass), Bryan Sutton (guitar), and Mike Bub (bass).

All of the proceeds from Southern Filibuster go directly to Taylor. And even best of all, they didn’t tell Taylor about the project until it was a wrap, giving him one of the nicest surprises of his 86 years.

Track Listing

1. “Southern Filibuster” – Jerry Douglas
2. “Swampwater” – Billy Cardine
3. “Dobro Country” – Michael Witcher
4. “Ghost Picker” – Orville Johnson
5. “Black Ridge Ramble” – Curtis Burch
6. “Oasis” – Rob Ickes
7. “Little Green Pill” – Cindy Cashdollar
8. “This Ain’t Grass” – Mike Auldridge
9. “Me and My Dobro” – Ferrell Stowe
10. “Dozin’ the Blues” – Randy Kohrs
11. “Acoustic Toothpick” – Phil Leadbetter
12. “Resophonic Guitar” – Andy Hall
13. “Reso Fandango” – Megan Lovell
14. “Stevens Steel” – Ivan Rosenberg

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