Watch Jason Isbell Go Acoustic With Punch Brothers In New York City

Isbell’s busy night in NYC also saw him join Dinosaur Jr. in Brooklyn.

By Andy Kahn Dec 7, 2023 8:11 am PST

Jason Isbell appeared as a special guest in the latest installment of Chris Thile and Punch Brothers’ musical variety show The Energy Curfew Music Hour, which was held last night at Audible Theater’s Minetta Lane. Singer-songwriter Emily King also participated in Wednesday’s concert in New York City.

Isbell, who followed his guest spot by heading out to Brooklyn to sit-in with Dinosaur Jr., played acoustic guitar while leading the Punch Brothers through “Strawberry Woman” and “If You Insist” from the 2023 Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit album, Weathervanes.

Thile and Isbell chatted about songwriting and the pair dueted on another Weathervanes track, the somber “Cast Iron Skillet.” Isbell was also onstage, along with King, for a cover of The Beatles’ “Lovely Rita.”

A final collaborative effort came as the evening’s encore as Isbell and King accompanied Thile and his Punch Brothers on a cover of Townes Van Zandt’s “Pancho & Lefty.” Watch themeboudin’s audience-shot video footage of the collaborative night in NYC below:

The Energy Curfew Music Hour series is produced in conjunction with the Non-Essential Electronics Buyback Program and the US Department of Arts and Waste Management. The next installment of The Energy Curfew Music Hour will take place at Minetta Lane on Sunday, December 10.

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Punch Brothers at Minetta Lane Theatre

  • Fly Through My Window  
  • Unknown Song  
  • Medal  
  • By You I Mean Me  
  • Strawberry Woman  
  • If You Insist  
  • Away Out on The Mountain  
  • Georgia  
  • Cast Iron Skillet  
  • Lovely Rita  
  • It Isn't Over  
  • Pancho & Lefty
  • Townes van Zandt
  • Unknown Song
  • Jason Isbell
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