JamBase Launches Podcast: Introducing ‘The JamBase Podcast’

By Team JamBase Dec 7, 2017 10:13 am PST

Today, JamBase is pleased to step into the world of audio content with the launch of The JamBase Podcast. Each episode will feature multiple segments discussing various aspects of the live music world. The plan is to publish a new installment every two weeks starting with today’s premiere episode.

JamBase’s David “DaveO” Onigman, Andy “AK” Kahn and Scott “ScottyB” Bernstein will take turns serving as host in various configurations. Each episode will start with “The Rundown,” a chat about news stories of note since our last episode. Episodes will then present a rotating array of segments featuring musicians and other industry figures.

One of the segments we have planned is “Tour Stories” in which some of our favorite artists pull back the curtain and share tales of life on the road. Then there’s “Art Of The Setlist” where we talk with musicians about how they craft setlists in preparation for shows. Another segment is “Quit My Day Job” featuring discussions with artists about the time in their lives when they made the decision to become a full-time touring musician. For “All Access” we chat with industry vets that aren’t musicians about their jobs and how they came to their current positions. We have more in store, but for now you’ll have to tune in to find out what else is in the works.

Our premiere episode begins with The Rundown. The second chapter is the debut of “Quit My Day Job” starring bassist Reed Mathis. Reed has an incredibly interesting story to tell about the variety of positions he held down before hitting the road full-time with Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey. Our podcast continues with audio of “My Only True Friend,” the opening track off Gregg Allman’s Grammy-nominated final album – Southern Blood – via our sponsor Concord Records. Next up is a discussion between Andy, Scotty and DaveO about Phish’s famed Fall 1997 Tour as a companion to our on-going Remembering Phish Fall Tour 1997 series. Finally, Rebecca Sparks and Gabe Axe of High Sierra Music tell us all about running High Sierra Music Festival, DelFest and the Hangtown Music Festival for the first-ever “All Access.”

You can stream the first episode of The JamBase Podcast below. Without further ado, here’s The JamBase Podcast:

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