Jack White to Record & Release World’s Fastest Record

Jack White will record and release a new single on Record Store Day. At 10 a.m. the morning of Saturday, April 19 White will perform a live version of the title track to his upcoming LP, Lazaretto, at his Third Man Records blue room studio. The performance will be recorded direct-to-acetate and the masters will immediately be taken to United Record Pressing for instant pressing of limited edition 45s. Third Man claims this will constitute, “the world’s fastest released record, studio-to-store, in the history of mankind.”
Those 7-inch singles will be packaged back at Third Man with sleeves featuring images taken during the recording. Singles will be pressed all day at United until there are no more people waiting in line to purchase a copy.

In addition to White’s performance, Grand Rapids, MI garage rock trio Whirlwind Heat – whose 2003 debut LP Do Rabbits Wonder? Is being reissued by Third Man for RSD – at 2 p.m. will perform their first set since 2006, and likely their last ever. Third Man Records Vault Platinum Members can purchase exclusive ULTRA TICKETS guaranteeing a spot for both White and Whirlwind Heat performances and a copy of the single and LP being released for RSD.
And if you can’t get tickets, Third Man instructs:
The World’s Fastest Record will be made available for sale from the front of Third Man Records as soon as copies are pressed. Anybody who shows up that day during business hours wanting to purchase a copy will get one. Third Man promises to deliver until all customers are satisfied (one per customer, obviously!). The World’s Fastest Record will only be available at Third Man Records on Record Store Day. One time only!

[Andy Kahn is Senior Editor at MediaNet and runs the music industry and discovery website Editor’s Mix.]