Horndogs Edition: Angles 9, Jeremy Danneman & Sophie Nzayisenga, Jaimie Branch And Led Bib


Angles 9: Disappeared Behind The Sun

I do not believe I’ve offered up any jazz yet, so let’s rectify that this week. More specifically, I’ve got four excellent, decidedly horn-heavy new albums for your listening pleasure. The first one is also a reader recommendation, which are always more than welcome. Hit me up on Twitter if you’ve got anything off-radar I should lay my ears on. Leading off is Angles 9, a Swedish nine-piece that brings the full power of all nine of ‘em (including a wealth of brass and sax) on their new album Disappeared Behind The Sun out on Clean Feed. This is a political record, and although that’s reflected in the song titles, it really comes out strong in the music as well. There is emotion in there: anger, fear, hope.


Jeremy Danneman and Sophie Nzayisenga: Honey Wine

Jeremy Danneman is a New York City-based saxophonist and educator and world traveler. For his newest album, Honey Wine, he brings Sophie Nzayisengaback from Rwanda to create and altogether magical and mystical music. Nzayisenga plays ainanga, a stringed zither-like thing. Rounding out the ensemble with bass and percussion, the sound is incredibly hypnotic and overwhelming…a truly worldly experience. Improvisation and composition and melodies that extend from NYC to Africa and beyond, each track feels like its own little universe. Enjoy!


Jaimie Branch: Fly Or Die

Every once in a while you hear an album and it smacks you like “where did you come from?” That’s how I felt this weekend when I popped on Fly Or Die, the just-release album from trumpeter Jaimie Branch. Like an engrossing novel or an epic film you don’t want to end, this album pops from the get-go and drags you into its alternate reality. Funkarhythmic, at times truly rocking, others touchingly beautiful with plenty of far-out Miles-Davis-jazziness, this one transcends genre in all the right ways. And at a succinct 35 minutes, it’s not messing around. Highly recommended.


Led Bib: Umbrella Weather

Finally, I’ve got Led Bib, who come from England, but have a decidedly, old school Downtown New York sound. Umbrella Weather is the name of their latest record and it is an intense downpour of double-saxophones. The two horns push and pull, zig and zag, find common ground and then proceed to wrestle each other to the ground with the non-stop rhythm section doing nothing but egging the whole affair on. It’s intense, but plenty accessible, a freewheeling horn-heavy affair that should hold you over find til next we meet. Cheers!