Herbie Hancock Talks Status Of Supernova Supergroup

By Scott Bernstein Oct 20, 2015 7:45 am PDT

Over the summer, Carlos Santana made headlines when he told Billboard of his plan to form a supergroup dubbed “Supernova” with Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, John McLaughlin and his wife Cindy Blackman Santana. Hancock recently discussed the project in a new interview with Billboard.

“Carlos and Wayne and I have been talking about doing something for years, and we have done some one-off things,” Hancock told Billboard. “Those have been appetizers, I would say, from something we would like to embark on at some point. In what form, how it’s to take place, when it’s to take place — it’s still in the idea stage. But (Santana) wants it to happen. I want to make it happen, too. So does Wayne. We just haven’t gotten that far to where we can say anything concrete yet.”

Back in August, Santana discussed what he saw as the timing for the project, “Definitely spring recording and summer touring in Europe and maybe America.” He then added, “Can you hear it? It’s kind of like playing with, sharing music with Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, ’cause Wayne and Herbie, they’re at that level of genius, genius, genius, genius. I’m just grateful that they accept it and want to do it. And every time I play with Cindy, it goes viral. People go crazy. The energy between Cindy and I is very, very supernova.”

Hancock also revealed he’ll soon be finishing work on the long-awaited follow-up to 2010’s The Imagine Project. “I don’t have what one might normally define as a clear-cut architecture of the record,” Herbie told Billboard. “There’s several ideas that are passing through my sights. But I’ve been trying to do a new album for four years, and there’s been little bits and nibbles but no time to do a record. It’s been going on way too long so I finally said, ‘OK, enough of this’ and I’m not gonna do anything else but (the album) for awhile.'”

The keyboardist has been chatting with Pharrell Williams about contributing and Billboard also reports Herbie has started working with Flying Lotus and Thundercat. “There’s a scene that’s happening, kind of an underground movement that’s given partially to a connection to jazz or a new form of jazz,” Hancock said.

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