Heavy Exploration Edition: Dreamweapon, Our Solar System, JJUUJJUU & Carlton Melton


Dreamweapon: SOL

Time to go super-psychedelic with some jammers that go both deep and wide. First up is the brain-teasing Dreamweapon, recently out with SOL, their first album on the stoner-ready Fuzz Club Records. Covering 45 minutes over just four tracks, these are longish ones that take their time to lull you into an altered-state with guitars that swirl and drone. Good stuff!


Our Solar System: Origins

Speaking of long ones, the opening track on the new Our Solar System record is over 20 minutes of ooey-gooey brainfuck. The Swedish jam collective (what is it about Scandinavia?) is a RecommNeds regular and this one, Origins, out on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, is certainly their best one yet. The group plays here with a noticeable focus and confidence. If you dig getting out there, this is a must listen.


JJUUJJUU: Zionic Mud

No, that ain’t a #fakejambands name, it’s JJUUJJUU. While the loop-and-jam collective has been around for a few years, Zionic Mud is their first full-length album and it’s well worth a spot in this week’s batch. With driving rhythms somewhat reminiscent of Moon Duo, the band mixes a catchy backbone with a deep-burrowing hallucinogenic array of guitars and synth. This is psych-rock for both the brain and body with plenty of room to go exploring in. So get at it!


Carlton Melton: Mind Minerals

Finally, we’ll go full heavy duty with the latest from Carlton Melton. The northern California trio delivers psych-rock at its most raw and savage on their latest LP, Mind Minerals. This is some intense, turn-up-the-volume-and-go guitar/bass/drums stuff. Still, the band finds room to create and improvise in some interesting spaces without totally overwhelming the unsuspecting listener. I do think you’ll dig it. Enjoy!