Ha Ha The Moose Returns At moe.down 2019


moe. side project Ha Ha The Moose made their triumphant return to the stage on Friday night at the moe.down Music Festival in Turin, New York. The band features Dr. Guano (Rob Derhak) on bass and vocals, Jeff VonKickass (Chuck Garvey) on guitar and vocals and Sludge (Jim Loughlin) on drums and vocals. Ha Ha The Moose had been on hiatus for the past three years leading up to moe.down.

The trio focused on originals developed between their debut in 2000 and their 2016 concert at New York City’s Irving Plaza. Up first for the masked band was instrumental “Thirsty Carbunkle” and “Mister Her,” a song about a transvestite. Next, the three-piece presented the “Ha Ha The Moose Theme Song,” the only original the band played during their first tour. Then, Dr. Guano led a cover of Dire Straits’ “Monkey For Nothing.”

Ha Ha The Moose continued with “20 Pounds Of Shit In A 2 Pound Bag” and a variation of “10 Things Vinnie Would Say” dubbed “1 Thing Casey Is Likely To Hate.” Dr. Guano then introduced “Tijuana Donkey Show,” a song that made the transition to moe.’s repertoire, as “a song about boy meets girl, boy meets donkey, donkey does a lot of unfortunate … you’ll just have to listen up and open your hearts and feel the love.” The trio concluded their comeback set with “Fuck Me, Fuck You” and the three-part “Redneck Trilogy.”

Listen to an audience recording below taped by Rob Clarke:


Set: Thirsty Carbunkle, Mister Her, Ha Ha The Moose Theme, Money For Nothing, 20 Pounds Of Shit In A 2 Pound Bag, 1 Thing Casey Is Likely To Hate, Tijuana Donkey Show, Fuck Me Fuck You, Redneck Trilogy: Rednecks Are Everywhere, Redneck Trilogy: Fishin’ With Dynamite, Redneck Trilogy: In The Name Of Freedom

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