Guitar Gorgeous Edition: Gyan Riley, Ezra Feinberg & Buck Curran

By Aaron Stein Apr 11, 2018 11:29 am PDT

Gyan Riley: Sprig

Longtime RecommNeds readers know I’m a sucker for excellent guitar music and so, it is with great pleasure, that I present these excellent albums for your ears. I’ll begin with the absolutely stunning Sprig, the brand new record from Gyan Riley. Riley delicately balances ridiculous skills on the acoustic guitar (and ukulele! – you’ve never heard a uke played like this before) and just stark beauty. Each song is something to soothe your soul and totally luxuriate in, somewhere in the overlap of jazz, Americana and classical. The album is out on the new National Sawdust label, associated with the venue in Brooklyn. Sprig is something to savor, so… savor it.


Ezra Feinberg: Pentimento And Others

My next pick for you is an album I’ve been seriously loving since it came out a couple months back, so I’m psyched to finally officially RecommNed it to y’all. The artist is Ezra Feinberg and his debut solo record, Pentimento And Others, is a gorgeous, ambient thing for all your headspace-clearing needs. While it isn’t necessarily a “guitar record” per se – a variety of synths and other instruments fill out the sound – Feinberg’s guitar playing does take center stage. The music is minimalist and slow-moving, lovely and relaxing and yet full of depth and flavor. Definitely one of my favorite releases of the winter, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Buck Curran: Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas

The new record of solo guitar music from Buck Curran is called Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas and no words I could write could improve on such a poetic description of such poetic acoustic music. This is daytime guitar for early risers and daydreamers and those who just need a pause. Seventeen tracks of pure guitar music, some short improvisations interspersed with Curran’s compositions, lovingly crafted and beautifully delivered, the album is a single meditation. I think you’ll dig it. I think you’ll dig all three of this week’s picks.


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